Exchange Rate

Never knew Efes to be cheaper in Girne Soh...double the price to Famagusta
found a little ex-pat bar near where we stayed in karolanjou, 5tl for effes, 3.5tl in nearby mini market. most we paid was 8tl but that was on the old harbourside at a restaurant. if its cheaper still in famagusta i'll try there next summer :thumbsup: :tup:
Around 6 tl for a large beer in Famagusta..2.50 tl to buy in Lemar supermarket.Soh our local when we get to the north IS Ruyas cafe..on the left side by the Cathederal..we try and get through on A Friday..brilliand shop next door to there ..biscuits tinned goods ..loads of uk stuff....2 bottles Raki (3 litres)in presentation box. With 2 Raki glasses 90 Tl..
we never realised how cheap n.cyprus was until we went, and not just for the beer:w00t:, expected it to be more expensive due to its island/ isolation situation. the other half loved the historical aspect, girne & st hilerion castles,bellapais monastery. we spent all 4 days sightseeing, i never even got to see a beach:cry:. def back there this year, hopefuly a full week this time and maybe hire a car
Soh you have to get over the border ,Litsis cash & Carry type supermarket..just over the border from Famagusta..selling mainly Waitrose & Tesco Stuff..sausage and bacon there is gorgeous..or if you have a car Nicks bottle shop (in Protaras ) 5 minutes from my Gaff)cheapest booze shop in all of Cyprus..personally I only ever drink beer,not into wines or spirits..perhaps meet up time we're over..our next time will be March perhaps for a month..we will be looking at properties in the north..
we are over mid may to mid june, you are going to move to the north full time or just a holiday place? we saw some nice looking places whilst there but most ex pats we met were (long term) renters living 4/5km outside of town and when confronted with our "wow isn't it cheap here" spent 1/2 hour grumbling about how expensive its got and how things aint wot they used to be :smile::smile::w00t:.
12 yrs ago İ lived for nearly 2 yrs in Girne .... met my other half there ... had 3
different rentals during that time, bought and subsequently sold an apartment nr the centre...loved it but v v hot in summer...hoping to return for a week's holiday down memory lane in April for my Birthday...would never stay anywhere other than harbour/town centre ... expect we will see last but one gaff was 5 mins from the old Harbour B-) ...
my tuppenceworth is a very weak tl, £ is also well up on post brexit vote aftermath-almost to pre vote levels whilst at the same time only regaining 30% of its losses v the $ and euro. keep an eye on what happens in Italian referendum and Austrian election. another trump/brexit moment could cause the euro to flounder, a double whammy could case a real fall