Exchange Rate

Euro @ 5.52 this am - 5.50 was the resistance ceiling for the last few weeks.
Im over 14/8/18 going from sun here to sun there - magic ha!
Will come back with much enhanced wardrobe ;-)
have a good one, we're flying back on thursday after a 4 week break:cry:. think your rate will go higher over the next few weeks, i got 6.10 this morning- this afternoon i could have had 6.18. surprising how a bit of nepotism can spook the markets:ROFLMAO: reckon it could go to 7 by years end
5.60 & 6.35 this pm - did I hear right the son in law is now the Fin Min OMG - that's going to be interesting.
What is Kush like this season? We will spend more time in Izmir & Cesme direction, also tend to eat in Selcuck & Soke.
yes, you heard right, he now has the power to appoint the next governor of the bank of Turkey as well. did i say 7 by years end? could be that by summers end as he is talking of an interest rate cut. that really will set the cat amongst the pigeons. Bloomberg did a good article about the appointment yesterday calling investment in Turkey a very high-risk gamble.