Exchange Rate

Bit of a roller coaster on the currency at the moment. Today we have an instant bounce back to 6.20 on the euro. Very odd carry on. I wonder has this to do with elections?
Oddly enough when the last elections where imminent, and just after the 2016 coup. A few days beforehand the Turkish economy got a boost. Someone somewhere (the dude?) is manipulating me thinks....
Interest rates remaining as they are after government pledged to reduce them. The markets have lost confidence leading to more pain for Turkish citizens. Indeed in times of austerity people turn to terrible measures.
The unemployed man selling his kidneys to keep his children from being put into an orphanage, what a sad world we live in. Unfortunately this is not a new thing in Turkey, I remember reading about this almost 10 years ago.
Euro rising today at 6.7 interesting figure as I think the historic top was 7.6. Stg is at 7.96 with a historic top at circa 8.48. Anyone want to do predictions?