Exchange Rate

Window of time impossible to predict I’m afraid we will just have to sit it out for the foreseeable future.
Hotels closed until 30th April, Tours companies cancelling holidays, shops,pubs and restaurants closed etc. .....
Such a sorry state of Global affairs
Stay safe everyone
Hello Everyone, I hope you are all ok and safe.
I know there is more to life and I feel so sorry for all the hotels and workers in Turkey and obviously the rest of the world at the moment.
Are any of you worried about the banks and your savings?
The lira seems to be going mad at the moment, do you reckon they would devalue the lira?
Folks today the Euro passed 8:1 a new record. Stg @ 8.82 also a new high.There is talk of actual shooting war & sanctions with the EU. This is soooo not good for everyone.
Latest from Reuters

Turkey's lira skidded for a fourth day on Wednesday, approaching record lows in volatile trade after the head of the central bank downplayed concerns over depleted reserves and stuck to what some analysts see as an over-optimistic view on inflation.

Over 9 TL to £1 ... the bottom is going to fall out of the Turkish economy I would imagine. This is dreadful news for the Turkish citizens why is the Central bank ignoring this???
Euro hit 8.86 today looks like 9s & 10s are on. Fly in to Bodrum 12th for 34 yoyos one way courtesy of Micky O'Leary. Got a local car hire deal 150 for 14 days. Fish, beer & virus for next two weeks.