Exchange Rate

Now past 9.55. Localy made materials are only lightly up. Imports are rising. Bit of a time lag. I got the last fridge in Migros in my size. Had to take the display model. Not importing that model again as its going to be too dear for locals. Soup n tea out cost 1.25, value is shocking. B
Copied fromTurkishiving blog - relevant me thinks.

9.11 percent increase in taxes, fines and fees from the beginning of the year.

In the new year, the real estate tax paid to the municipalities will increase by 4.55 percent, which is half the revaluation rate. Environmental cleaning tax for residences will be collected as 51 kurus per cubic meter in metropolitan municipalities and 38 kurus in other municipalities, based on the amount of water consumption.Fee of 2 thousand 6 liras will be paid instead of 1.839 lira for mobile phones brought with passengers from abroad.

Civil Service salaries and pensions increased by 6.1 private sector wage freeze.