Exchange Rate


interesting article, big question is will the $ and dow keep climbing with mr trumps hand on the wheel. 2017 will be one to remember


read that el presidente is talking of abandoning the $ and asking all turks with $ savings to change them into tl!!!!! like thats going to happen
You might convert at say 4.35 * £30,000 = ₺130,500
Im not on the ground but I reckon you could get circa 10% - Some folk will get more but they will leave deposit & interest untouched for say a year. So Ill go for ₺13,050 in interest pa giving ₺ 1,087 pm. I'm sure others can fine tune it better.

Euro tipped 3.90 this am. Folks will be able to buy more firewood this week ;-)

I suspect 2017 holiday season may be in trouble. I got return flights DUB-ADB @ Easter for E130.00 all in.



It seems that not too many Turkish holders of dollars listened to the governments proposals, a very good chart in this article.

Turkey’s Fight Against Dollarization Hasn’t Been Working: Chart
and who can blame them, loyality to your country rarely involves handing over your wealth to the government of the day:w00t:. only have to look at the great gold theft of 1933 in the u.s.a to see what happens when you do:eek:.
As tourists it is good news but I fear for locals whose incomes have already been decimated by the slump in tourism.
We, like many who have homes in Kusadasi/Turkey, will not stop coming to this beautiful country and whilst we are there we spend our money but that is just a drop in the ocean. What is more distressing is that there is not a welfare system to support, apart from the wonderful family structure, when catastrophes occur.