Exchange Rate

Folks stg just hit 5TL today. Im not sure whats going on. The news wires talk about the USA visa issue having a negative on the lira. There may also be a budget problem in Turkey. Someone else will know more than me. B
Change offices are always lower than the banks. Best to exchange at the banks. Some banks have exchange ATM machines. I use the one opposite to Gumar. It is easy to use.


We got 4.42 euro at Ziraat bank on Friday - we were there to change a dud 100tl note passed to us by Akbank who refused to change it! Dovus had lira to euro 4.27 and stg at 4.80
Well another record Euro @ 4.50 TL his afternoon. Stg in the 5.05 zone. Anybody like to call the ceiling on this. Winner gets a free high five ;-) B
Its Friday end of the week AND
Euro is 4.70TL Stg is 5.26TL both new records I think. SOH stg might hit 5.50 befor March at this rate.