Greetings Fellow Travelrs.

iamNewMembr Hi all my name is Pete and I live in Bodrum, not the town but one of the villages. I have been here for just over ten years now. Life here is quiet and pretty mundane but that is exactly what I was after. I have outlived most of my contemporaries so few trips to the England now. My dear wife is Turkish so I have learned little of the language as she is my translator.

I'm not sure how many active members there are on here, perhaps I will find out in time. It is however fairly crowded today with 39 Guests and 26 Robots.

Well less than 24 hours and I have been welcomed by 20% of the membership already. I feel quite honoured. I thought I recognised the fizog jake but it was the name that threw me at first but now I know you are the leg end from Kusadasi it all becomes clear. Anyway thank you for the welcome, at least I know I won't go hungry.

Thank you also to Hooperman, sexyshirl and miketutun. Yes Bodrum is one of those places like New York, so good they named it twice.

I look forward to communicating with the other dozen or so members soon, there is one other name on here I recognise I'm sure it is who I think it is. Just spotted a welcome from Anniebubble too, thank you.