Here At Last.

Arrived late Sat night. Surprise bag of water,milk,bread,simit,orange juice and her own strawberry jam on the doorstep yesterdayas from the lady in the little shop at the gate to the sites. Don't know how she does it but knows knows everyone's comings and goings. Use the shop a jot as she will get anything if you ask.
Woken yesterday am by kids playing in the street in our little cul de sac. Little old man in the corner house,his daughter,son in law and their 2 sons have moved in with him. It is great to see kids playing as our son(30) said it was like Shady Pines Retirement Home here . He reckons my wife and myself youngest (56) on our street.
Been to dentist this am. Driver collected and brought me back. Great to see so many people on the marina. Not going in to town proper for a few days,just relaxing here.
Next door neighbour insisting on taking me shopping to big migro and kipa on soke road tomorrow. She went back driving after her husband died 18 months ago. Even the sitesi cats run for cover when she starts her new car. She insists on shopping with me as men can't shop. Puts half of what I want to buy back on shelf saying I don't need it or this one is better. Could be a clash as my 80 year old mother and 2 of her friends coming out in 3 weeks time. Mother says buy what you like or even 2 as might not be there next time. Can't hurt neighbour as she is so nice. It's just her driving. Doesn't park. Just abandons car.Saying she will take me to fri market as well.
Just wants to know when my son and his husband coming out. She knows as her daughter on to my son all the time.Herself and her 3 friends(all widowed in last 3years) fawn over them. We have more cakes and biscuits given to us when they are here. All Muslim women but no head scarves here. Son calls them the golden girls. Totally caring and non judgemental towards everybody. Great to see the way they support each other.
Hopefully gas bottle and water man will come early in am as promised. Or it could be Turkish time. But who cares.
Survived the shopping trip. Left here at 10am and we had to collect 2 of the other golden girls on the way. They were making a day out of it. All dolled up but worse drowned in perfume. Definitely competing in perfume stakes. Kept opening window but was told to keep it closed as wind would ruin their hair. Reckon secondary smell was hair spray.
I had all my shopping done by 12. And they left me alone to buy what I wanted. Went for coffee then and they were dying to fill me in on all the gossip on our little cul de sac. German couple next door to us coming out next week until it gets too hot for them. Glamorous lady at the end has left her husband and moved to Soke to live with her new partner. She is 65, he is 48. And a doctor. Said with disapproval but decteted a little envy. Cat lady still feeding the cats up by the bins as usual twice a day. And paying herself to have them neutered.
I asked where was Murats's car. Guy on next street up used park his car in front of our house as there were no children playing on our street to scratchit. When man on corners daughter moved in with husband and 2 boys came down shouting the odds. No playing on street. They better not damage his car. Etc. Etc. Big fight but was told by all my neighbours to park in front of his own house. I am delighted as it was an old diesel car and he would spend 5 mins revving it up.
People are the same the whole worl over as all this could happen anywhere.
I told the Girls I would get dolmus back into town and they could stay shopping . Nothing perishable in bags so no hurry. I HATE SHOPPING.
So got dolmus as far as bus station. Nipped in to market and bought some fruit and taxi home. Neighbour didn't get home till 8 o clock.
Water man came but still wating for gas bottle. At least one electric ring and oven. Rang again and definitely coming today. Yes
Loved the presents the shop sent up Sunday morning. Didn't realise there was an extra gift. Spreading strawberry jam on toast this morning and realised I was spreading a wasp as well. Well hidden down the pot. End of that jam. Gas bottle came yesterday so all rings working now. Went and got veg, fruit and yes 3 kilos of strawberries. Some to eat, some to make jam with and some to use for pavlova for neighbour to say thanks for bringing me shopping. Miss the real cream from home but in something like pavlova with lots of strawberries long life cream a good substitute. Know she is having the others round for dinner tonight so lots of laughter echoing till late. They each cook for each other one night a week. My wife,coming out June 3rd, has been adopted in to the circle so that's dinner sorted for them 5 nights. I get out when they come here. Don't want to feel like the stripper at a hen party. But at my age no chance of that
Wow! strawberry pavlova yummy yummy!! Sounds perfect. I know Taze krema is hard to find and yes long life will do the trick perfectly. I once was able to purchase Taze krema at the Firkin in town ... chuffed with myself, on arriving back at home my lovely Taze krema was now Ekşi krema (sour cream).
Good to have the gas at last. Enjoy your cook fest!