Home And 13deg.

Back home yesterday for 3 weeks to allow my work colleagues go on holidays. 70 hour weeks for that time. Been doing 20 hour weeks online whilst in Kus. Back on 22nd . Sunny here and 13deg. Wife's sisters out yesterday to keep her company. Been on FaceTime with wife and they are feeling the heat. Not moving from house today. Myself, son and his husband travelled home yesterday. My luggage consisted of STUFF my mother and friends left after them last month. Mainly clothes. Going through customs at Dublin airport was pulled aside and asked had I anything to declare. Did I know what was in my bag? With that saw my son and his husband videoing me and rolling around laughing. Tipped off guy they knew. Didn't have to open bag and waved though. Don't think my size 10's would fit in to my mother shoes. Not to mind her clothes. Brats at 31 years of age.
Hope it cools down there soon. Going to enjoy the cool here but looking forward to coming back


Oh I enjoyed the cool here when I came back first planer- but a few very wet days driving around the country and sitting on the west coast looking at wall to wall rain cured me quickly! But I'm stuck with it for the next nine weeks or so as I can't stick the 40+ temperatures you get in Kus in July and August!