Kusadasi Customs Office Advice Required

Just a bit of background, I entered Turkey with my car end of June 2017. And on arrival I was given 3 month Insurance. I have a 2yr residency permit, and am given to understand I am allowed to keep my car here for up to 2 yrs.

My questions are, do I simply go to my insurance broker and arrange for a years cover....Do I have to get anything stamped by Turkish Customs...

And does anybody know where I go in Kusadasi to clear my car if it is indeed required..

Thanks in Advance for any advice..

Well I found the Customs Office, simple enough in the end, right next to the Cruise Terminal..

After having read all the current information in regard keeping a vehicle over here, I was more confused than ever. Was more than a little apprehensive, hearing all the worst case scenarios..

However, let me tell you guys...The Customs officials were superb and extremely helpful. There English and my Turkish made things a little difficult, but we got there...

Given the equipment, old computers and practical systems they have to go through, they were nothing short of amazing getting me sorted...and sorted I am.

After endless attempts my officer got onto the system, imputed all the required information...Then everything had to be repeated on hard paper, then I had to travel round the building collecting stamps and signatures from various people including the Kusadasi Director. Ending back with my original officer. Finally he wrote the endate of my residency permit into my passport, in the car stamp....

He gave me a big smile and patted me on my shoulder...You are complete sir, he said..

The whole thing took a couple of hrs...But hey, I have my car for 2 yrs!!

I hear all sorts of negative things about Turkish civil servants, but from where I'm standing, they are in a class of there own given there antiquated systems...

Again Well Done Turkey..... remembering why I left UK