Selling In Property In Kusadasi

It would appear that everybody in Kusadasi is an estate agent! Having had a property in Sogucak for sale through an estate agent for a year that promised the earth and delivered very little, I looked for another agent to sell the property which was the stage that I found out that there were a lot of non runners in town.

After some research, Pinar Kiral of Remax Pasha was recommended and it turned out to be a fantastic recommendation - from our first contact with Pinar, she was so professional and guided us through the whole process with ease. The villa was advertised extensively and had several viewings in the first few weeks, with a sale being agreed within six weeks of Pinar taking over. On the transfer day, Pinar was on hand to organise everything from Tapu transfer to opening a bank account to transfer the payment, to closing electric and water accounts etc.. I noticed at the Tapu transfer, that there were a number of non nationals who appeared to be quite confused by the process whereas we had a step by step guide supplied by Pinar which meant that at no stage were we wondering as to what was going on. I would like to take this chance to thank Pinar for everything and to offer my recommendation to anybody looking for an Estate Agent to talk to Pinar!
We dealt with Remax Pasha when we bought our apartment in the Marina area just over 3 yrs ago...Şardan was our
agent and provided a first class service...İ can only ditto the comments above! ...
Thank you. I am selling up here at Tütüncüler and at the moment with Eurosales/resales an Anglo/Irish company who advertise through agents in Russia, China and The Middle East but sofar not a sign of movement. When I come back from the UK after Christmas I shall give Remax a visit. I chose this set up as I was bewildered by the number of Emlaks here.