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Recently we needed to visit Istanbul for a quick business meeting and we decided to stay at Grand Hyatt which is a luxury hotel just near the Istiklal Street of Taksim Square. Well, it was an awesome idea to choose this 5 star hotel because we really enjoyed it a lot. Even though the Grand Hyatt is located right in the center of Istanbul, the surroundings were peaceful and it was pleasure to walk around. Grand Hyatt Istanbul has 360 Rooms including, 1 Presidential Suite and 8 fully furnished luxury apartments. They also have a large garden with a good sized pool which was a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.
Here is their website link: Grand Hyatt Istanbul
and their instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/grandhyattistanbul/
We were welcomed by one of the sweetest hotel employee, Derya Mercan. Apart from her, all of the hotel workers were very friendly which made our stay really relaxing.
We stayed on the Grand Club floor in a Grand Club room. It is on the 8th floor and it has a special lounge like you see at airports that are just for business class customers. In that special room, you can find free tea, coffee, cookies..etc. They also have a “happy hour” in the lounge where you can find alcohol and all kinds of snacks.

The hotel has a very nice garden with a big pool. We had such a nice breakfast in the garden and the quality of the food was impressive. The hotel produces their own tomatoes and cucumbers in a special section of the garden.
Another big thumbs up was their restaurant “Restaurant 34“. Artichoke is their profession and you can find it in many of the dishes on the menu. My personal recommendation is the “Lamb comfit on artichoke puree demi-glace sauce”. Also the Dallas Steak was fantastic too. The restaurant has very affordable prices, you can eat a margherita pizza from 23TL (6.5 USD aprox.)
Why we would visit this place again?
  • Location is very good
  • Staff is friendly
  • Amazing garden and breakfast was so good!
  • Grand Club floor is super awesome!
  • Their restaurant = WOW!