How I am (@iamtravelr) editing my photos?


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Question: How are you editing your photos?
I am getting a lot questions like this on Instagram. Well, here are my steps:

1. I edit the "lighting" (exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights) on Adobe Lightroom.
This is my first step. On October 2017, Adobe brought the new machine learning Auto Settings on "Light" panel. I can see the big improvements. So, I hit the auto button and i edit the lighting more for my liking (like slightly more exposure and more/less highlights).

More info about "auto":

2. I have some Lightroom presets, I apply them and customize them. And/or after that I apply "izkiz cam" filters. I have also a beta copy of the new DeluxeFX app, which I haven't released yet but I am using it a lot too. Hopefully, I will release it soon ;)

Basically, thats it. So, briefly, light is very important in photography and Lightroom app is very powerful editing app on manipulating the "lights" (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks).

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