what I like about today

Hi Peril. I went out mid May last year and intended to stay till end of sept. Applied for a 2 month residency visa. A Turkish friend came with me and everything completed in 1 morning. Being Irish visa free but had to pay for card. Had to pay for 1 years medical insurance but when residency visa came went back to insurance broker with visa and they refunded 10 moths insurance cost within 5 days. All relatively painless. Unfortunately sister in law had medical emergency mid August so had to come home so didn’t use visa. Can’t get extended time off this year so coming out for 10 days early June. Wife staying on for 3 months. Coming out 10 days end of August . Mother and her cronies going out 3 weeks May. Son and his husband going out June. Wife’s sisters July. Really lookin forward to just relaxing and feeing the heat again.
we've forgotten what the sun looks like, most days recently been like today, except when it rains.:cry:. still, we're off to Kusadasi in 15 days, hoping to catch some sunshine there:cool:
nice , adele my partner is going over to Kusadasi in june but its September for me rate is looking good at the moment lets hope its red hot for you (y)


Well, our all too short stint in Kusadasi is coming to an end. As ever, we’ve enjoyed our stay and mightily enjoyed our neighbors antics. From being a place where there was a lot of Irish owned houses and the owners only appeared in high season we have moved on to a majority of Turkish owners, some of whom are permanent residents.
Not much has changed since last year except the house beside us has passed from an Irish three week a year owner to a Turkish for the summer owner. Queen B is still around and is busy making new friends - looks liked the last lot are busy shunning her. All that means for us is that we have her high nasally whine going on behind in front and beside us from early morning to late at night- not to mention her husband King Buddha of the forty bellies! Some of our Turkish friends can’t understand why we put up with the whole tv on the balcony blaring until all hours, and her shouting at her “pals “ from a distance of ten feet from early morning to late at night carry on- not to mention what I’m sure she considers a beautiful tinkling laugh ( aka a witches cackle!) . They’ve told me they think she’s cracked - and gave me the expression in Turkish but I’ve yet to learn how to spell it! My bad - in so far as I can pronounce it, and may end up muttering it audibly someday when I’m not thinking straight, but as yet I can’t write it!
We took a side trip to Bodrum, Kos and Rhodes- something we’ll repeat again - either in the autumn or next year. It was wonderful -the Rhodes part in particular ( we’re not overly keen on Kos - long story involving an attendant at an open air museum threatening to attack us and murder our then 10 year old youngest) and we love Bodrum anyway and any excuse for a visit is good. The only downside was a little trip I took - on a very uneven set of steps, replicating and worsening an injury I got in the Bulbul a number of years ago - slicing of the big toe and severing a vein. Fortunately, himself, who, notwithstanding all my training, is as squeamish as the day is long, has learnt to throw water and tissues at me and leg it to the nearest chemist for proper supplies, and turned up trumps as usual and got me paper stitches, antiseptic sprays and all manner of wound dressings and strappings sufficient to allow me to hobble on to see what I’d always wanted to see - ironically the grand palace of the order of St. John of Malta( the Order of Malta is an organization devoted to providing first aid to all). I’m almost fully recovered but the one thing that got me was the first antiseptic he was given was mercurochrome! I’m 62 and that went out of favor over 50 years ago - I can’t believe people are still selling it!
We missed the first two days of Bayram but endured most of Ramazan and the nightly drummers. We think some complaint was made after last year when the drummers ran amok and did their journey in our enclave twice - coming and going ( we’re the first site surrounded by four others ) . This year they didn’t come in so it was noise at a distance - I learned to live with it!
The electioneering is fairly rampant around us - leading to very heated exchanges between Buddha of the forty bellies - a fervent Kemalist, and the Prophet- an ultra orthodox MHP supporter. I’m sure Mohammed wouldn’t approve of either of them and certainly not of their conduct! I’m glad we’ll miss the actual elections - I’d love to speculate on the results and on the rumors that are rife in Greece- namely that RTÉ is terminally ill and is intent on forming a dynasty before he departs this mortal coil. The new Ottoman Sultan is how they’re describing him. Nuff said!
The state of the lira, while great for us from outside, looks like it’s decimating the ordinary people. Wages aren’t rising but the basic costs are. I always note market prices and in five weeks, prices are rising twice a week - notwithstanding seasonality. It must be very difficult to manage in a low fixed wage with continuously rising food prices. I wonder what will happen after the elections?
All musing must come to an end - I have a house to clean and a few last minute purchases. Roll on September when we’re back for two months. God is indeed good and all is well in our little world.