what I like about today

Hi Peril. I went out mid May last year and intended to stay till end of sept. Applied for a 2 month residency visa. A Turkish friend came with me and everything completed in 1 morning. Being Irish visa free but had to pay for card. Had to pay for 1 years medical insurance but when residency visa came went back to insurance broker with visa and they refunded 10 moths insurance cost within 5 days. All relatively painless. Unfortunately sister in law had medical emergency mid August so had to come home so didn’t use visa. Can’t get extended time off this year so coming out for 10 days early June. Wife staying on for 3 months. Coming out 10 days end of August . Mother and her cronies going out 3 weeks May. Son and his husband going out June. Wife’s sisters July. Really lookin forward to just relaxing and feeing the heat again.