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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Images Pop in iamTravelr App!

Lighting is very important in creating a successful photo. Lighting determines not only brightness and darkness (shadows & highlights), but also tone, mood and the atmosphere. If we can't get it right on our camera, we fix the problems in post processing and we use apps for that.

Please take a look at the above photo on the left, it is a bit dark and I also feel like I need to improve the details in the dark areas (shadows). iamTravelr App comes with very efficient adjustment tools like "Brightness", "Contrast", "Shadows" and "Highlights" to fix the problems.

And If you want to practice on this photo, here is the link so you can download to your iOS device and apply the steps I take.

Step 1: I import the photo to our app and tap on "Brightness" and slide the adjustment to the right. Please take a look at the attachment in the post. I don't use digits or anything, I just use my eye. When I feel like it is enough, I tap the "Done" button.

Step 2: I want to improve the details in the dark areas, so I use the "Shadows" adjustment and again I use my eyes to find the correct adjustment. When I feel like it is enough, tap "Done".

Step 3: I feel like the photo became a little bit flat, the darks and lights in the photo are a bit too close to each other. So, I go to "Contrast" and play with slider. Check the black areas on your photos when adjusting.

Step 4: I also check the "Highlights", in "Step 1" when we adjusted the overall brightness we lost some details in the highlights. So, I drag the slider towards to right, slowly, and I stop when I feel it is enough.

Step 5: Last step, I always apply a filter. I don't have to apply full intensity every time, so I play with the intensity adjustment and when I feel it is enough, I click the Done button.

You can go to Saturation or Vibrance and adjust the tones. Vibrance boost the skin colors more balanced way than Saturation adjustment.

This is it. The simple rule here is, "practice makes perfect".

Tutorial: How to install our Lightroom Presets to your desktop computer

step-1.jpg Step-2.jpg Step-3.jpg Step-4.jpg Step-5.jpg
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Thanks. Getting it right is sometimes so difficult. My issue is always crooked horizons as my sight is no longer great.