Use iamTravelr filters on Lightroom mobile app


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iamTravelr app comes with powerful adjustment controls but you can go to the next level by using them in Adobe Lightroom. You can even use our filters on the Lightroom Mobile App, which can give you a lot more control. Lightroom is real photographers tool that you can use to improve your photography skills a lot.

Let's learn how to use our filters (or your own LR presets) on your mobile Adobe Lightroom App.

First, you must have a subscription ( ). It is super cheap, you will have the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom, plus cloud storage. Please check the link if you haven't subscribed already.

Second; you need to install our presets to your desktop Lightroom app.

Now, lets check how do this tricky method.

1. Create a collection in Lightroom
In Library mode, go to the bottom left panel labeled "Collections" and press on the "+" sign to create a new collection. Here, I have named mine "iamTravelr". Make sure "Set as target collection" is checked! A "+" sign should appear near the collection name (iamtravelr +). This "+" says this folder is the target collection.

2. Import the thumbnails and set as target collection
I created thumbnails for you, go ahead and download them ( and unzip the file on your desktop computer. You will see 17 images, drag them into your Lightroom app to import. When Lightroom shows them to you, select them all (Edit menu, "Select All"). Then add them into the target collection (Photo menu, "Add to Target Collection").

3. Apply iamTravelr presets to each imported thumbnails in order
Here's the fun part! Go to develop module and select the thumbnail image. Pay attention to filter names on the thumbnails, for example select the image that's named "TRVL1" and apply the "(Set1) Trvl1 - iamtravelr" preset on it. Repeat this to each image, please don't forget to pay attention to filter names on the images.
Here is a screenshot of how it looks on your desktop Lightroom App:

4. Go to your iOS device and open Lightroom Mobile App
And there you go! The folder is there!

5. Start filtering your photos!
Go to the newly created collection (iamTravelr) on your mobile app and start importing photos into it. Here is the important and tricky part: After importing a photo, go and select any of the iamtravelr thumbnail images in the collection. After the image has fully loaded, go back without doing anything and select your photo that you would like to edit. Tap on the "Previous" button and then "All from Previous". That's it. Now continue your edit. Go to "Auto" for example and after that check the "Light" menu, you can edit the way you love. Enjoy!! ;) Check the below images that shows you this part.

And! here is the Before and After!

iamTravelr App and Lightroom Mobile, you can create fantastic photos! Please keep following us to learn new techniques and