sterling withdrawls

Hi can anyone tell me if i can still withdraw sterling with my debit card from the HSBC bank in centrum. I will be over next week but i have heard contrasting reports about weather it is still possible. Thanks.
I tried to withdraw sterling in March, and system said transaction not authorised , but I was able to withdraw Turkish lira with no problem.
Queried this with Canan in HSBC Kusadasi, she said that sterling was no longer an available option. I think the option for Euros has also been withdrawn. Confusing as at the time the banner on the ATM still showed £, YTL and Euros.
Many HSBC branches in Turkey appear to have closed, which is causing a problem for several people I know. and some are looking to transfer their accounts now the benefit of sterling ATM withdrawal has been removed. Hopefully the branch in Kusadasi will remain open as I gt excellent customer service there.
On return to UK, I noticed that I had been charged a transaction fee for the Turkish Lira withdrawal, even though I am an HSBC Premier customer in both Turkey and UK, and no fees should have been applied. Fortunately my UK HSBC branch refunded the charges, but said it was just a gesture of good will, as by then I had no proof that the withdrawal had been on an HSBC ATM, as I didn't have the receipt, and the debit entry on my account did not state HSBC, only the Sube . I will take any future receipts back with me , and will make a fuss if charges are not refunded.

I am not aware of any other banks in Kusadasi having the option to withdraw sterling.
Thanks Jake. i will try the Akbank for a couple of hundred next week. I am back over again middle of june so if it works ok i will not bother bringing sterling from the UK. I don't like carrying too much cash when i travel