iamTravelr v4.2 Released


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Hi, "iamTravelr Lightroom Presets" app v4.2 released and there are some new features.

- We are a full blown digital Travel & Photography magazine now!
- Some filters updated (Trvl2 and Trvl7)
- A new hidden filter! It is awesome especially for igStories. There is a tip on the app! Find it!
- Lightroom presets updated and added new features! Please check the photo below.
- Lightroom presets are now only in .xmp format, they work on Lightroom 7.3 and above! And works awesomely with Photoshop ;)
- We added new sections in our preset set. They are steps and optional.
1. Step: Adjust the whit4e balance. Did you take that photo in a sunny nice weather? Then click on "1a- ☀️Daylight"
2. Step: Adjust the tone settings, simply click on "2a-Lightroom's Auto" and after that optionally "2b-@iamTravelr's Light Balance"
3. Step: Choose your filter ;)
4. As iamTravelr presets are inspired from films, you may choose "Grain On"

That's it and more coming soon :)

And here is an example before/after

Happy instagramming :)