How to go to Santorini from Kusadasi?


Have you tried There are flights from Izmir but you have to go to Athens then Santorini, and there are flights in June for just over 200€. I know there are ferries between most of the Greek isles but I’m afraid I don’t know anything about their cost and where they go to from.


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Whichever mode of travel you choose, you always have to go through Athens to go to Santorini and then again for Zakynthos. Good luck, have a nice time!
yup, just booked a flight to Athens.

thinking to go back with ferries ( Rhodes from Mykonos and then to Turkey)
We went to Santorini.when on a greek island 4 day cruise 7 years ago from Kusadasi..they still do it. but now Celestial cruise ship..