Oh I need a holiday!

Back in beautiful Kusadasi since sat night. Me 10 days,wife 12 weeks. I’m back again for another 10 days towards end of August. No visitors this time so on our own.
It was great driving along the Marina sat night and seeing people in bars,restaurants and strolling about. And people in bars out towards bird island.
House spotless as mother and her cronies only went home Tuesday last. Homemade strawberry,apricot and cherry jam on the worktop. Lemon drizzle cakes next to them. Neighbor left it slip that mother got cleaners in on sat before they left so having doubts about them making jam as well. Just because it’s her writing on the jars.....
Up early sun and strolled in to town. Great to see lots of shop we know still there. Sad to see some closed down but great to see some news ones. Wish them all a good season. No hassle from shop boys as too early and all too busy on their phones.
Had lovely Turkish breakfast. As usual couldn’t finish it all.
Monday wife had organised dentist for both of us . Organized teacher coming out in her. T.G. Neither of us need anything done. Then off to opticians to pick out new frames fo me. Sometimes having too much choice is worse than little or no choice. Exhausted so lunch I town and taxi home. Oh I HATE shopping.
Strolled to market before 9 today. Came home loaded as usual. Even got asparagus in Migros next to koctas.
Love the fruit and veg market. Only kind of shopping I like.
Dreading tomorrow. Wife and son up to scullduggery before we came out. Lots of black bags going to charity shop. My clothes. So wife dragging me kicking and screaming to buy new clothes for me again. Doesn’t she realize I don’t need or want new clothes every 10 years. Well that’s an exaggeration. And then new shoes. Shopping is not a past time. All over by wed. God I’ll need a holiday.
She can shop till she drops when our son and his husband comes out. And with her sisters next month.
Off with them.
German couple next door got external insulation on their house last autumn. Said it made huge difference to the warmth in their hous. And keeping it cooler now. Company came out from Izmir as cheaper than quotes from here. Must look into it in August.
P.S. Does any one know if the hobby art shop that was on curtain street near cemetery end has moved? Or has it just closed down? Wife used love it. Had bag full of stuff from there going home last year