Interesting find

I discovered this.
An original air mail Flight Cover delivered by the first ‘Pan American Clipper airmail flight from Limerick to Ankara’ dated 5 Feb 1947 and delivered to Ankara Paula’s Hotel. Cumhuriyet Bulvari 3/A. Ankara Turkey Feb 1947.

These flying boats were the biggest aircraft of their time with 7 cabins and a 14 seat dinning room with full waiter service, linen table clothes, crystal glasses and food prepared by two chefs.

Each passenger had a bed and would find their shoes polished and cleaned waiting for them each morning.

The rear cabin was luxurious and also known as the bridal suite.

There were 11 flight crew.....The top of the plane featured the celestial observation turret, from which the flying boat’s position was checked against the sun, moon, and stars.

A bit different from today


Since found out the flight departed Limerick on the 1 Feb 1947 so it took 4 days to travel to Ankara.!,,

“Pan American World Airways / First Clipper Air Mail Flight / Limerick to Ankara, 1 February 1947. USA air mail envelope. Two postage stamps, 3d. blue Land League, Parnell / Davitt 1846 - 1946 and 5d. purple Claidheamh Solais postmarked covering both, double circle, (between circles) Luimneach / (in inner circle) 4.15PM / 1 II / 47 / (between circles) (line) 3 (line). “