Hi to all & I hope everyones had a good weekend. I was hoping someone could advise me of the best place to buy internet in kusadasi ? Ive a villa nearby but no internet on site. If I remember rightly you could buy a modem in Turkcell shop for approx. £100 & that lasted 3 months. Many thanks in advance for any info.
I purchased a Turcell MiFi a while back....the prices will have changed.
I top it up ( last month ) for 89Tl for 15Gb.
You can buy less Gb packages but this for me was ideal.
The 15Gb lasts for 3 months OR when you exhaust the package....whichever is soonest.
The MiFi creates your own password protected WiFi zone ( you can connect up to seven devices at once I believe ).
It's about the size of a small mobile phone.
In the villa we leave it connected to the mains but you can take it with you to the beach etc as it has a battery ( again the same as a mobile phone )
It's great for WhatsApp phone calls if you are remote from the house.
Bought it and top it up at the Turkcell shops as you get off the Dolmus for Centrum.


Absolutely correct. 15gb costs 89tl but I have the device for four years now so don’t know the current price. It does the job admirably.
Bought one in Turkcell last August. The MiFi gadget,SIM and 15gb top up all for 400tl. Bring passport to shop though,only I.D. that was accepted.
I have been with Vodafone UK sim only monthly package for a while now. One of the greatest advantages of Vodafone is they are the only providers who include Turkey as part of their unlimited mins and calls EuroRoaming. It meant all calls & texts coming into Turkey and going out of Turkey are free. It cost me approx £16 a month including 5GB of data, 2 of which were available to freely use in Turkey.
I was looking to upgrade my package to include 20 GB data ( there are 30 GB & more packages ). As I was completing the deal on line I was super surprised to find out that the all inclusive bundle of unlimited calls and mins and all of the 20GB of data in this offer apply when in Turkey.
The sim only package costs £20 per month.
As my wife also is due a upgrade between us we will have 40GB of data free each month....including Turkey.
( I believe it’s £25 per month for the 30GB package )
I have no idea what it is for Vodafone IE but may be worth checking.
I was wondering does anyone know if Wi-Fi coverage is good in Davutlar (Paradise Beach area) Applying for Residency Permit next spring and good strong Internet is a must for us! Turkcell do a package for 72 ytl a month. No point asking them if service is good for our area. They would probably be just happy to make the sale.