Hi we are thinking of having a new kitchen. We have a builder who will do it and provide it etc, but wanted to have a nose around ourselves first. So to look at kitchens would we have to go to the sanayi or is there anywhere else to look thanks
We have had a new kitchen installed recently in the Yavansu summer house, but we went direct to a company, LineaDecor, ( located on the road leading out of town towards Selcuk ) and so have no experience of what can be looked at in the Sanayi. Before deciding we also. looked at Kelebek. Although LineaDecor is more expenses, the quality is excellent ( self closing drawers and cupboards fit beautifully) and we liked the way they listened to what we wanted as we had a limited room and layout, so some units were custom fitted, rather than standard size. There were a couple of other showrooms we looked at, but can't remember their names. There are several on both sides of the main road going from the bus station all the way up towards the Sanayi. They all prepared online plans for us. Why don't you have a look in the showrooms at the designs and options and maybe get their brochures. You could then give you builder an idea of what you want. There are so many options on styles and colours, and also what the units and doors are made of. I started last year with an "ideas board/folder", before making a final decision, even though it was just for a tiny kitchen
We had a Cimstone work surface instead of marble or granite, and it is worth the extra cost. Get a brochure on that too, so you can compare.
In our main house, when it was being completed, we had a carpenter build a bespoke, handmade kitchen for us, and we gave him pictures and drawings of the style, colour and design we wanted. Even after 15 years I still love the kitchen, although I would rather like a Cimstone worktop now rather than the granite which was originally installed. However, when I compare what is available now, to what was available 15 years ago, the choice of designs and quality is far superior.
If you have a builder ready to do the kitchen, then give him detailed plans and specifications of exactly what you want, and then let him source them, as it is possible that a design you like in say Kelebek, may be available in the Sanayi.
Hope this helps.
I have attached a photo of our recently completed kitchen.


Had most of ours down in the Island ect..also. Black laminate tables.. Compleate enclosure for water heater & washing machine ..also large towel holder ottoman style quality..
Thank you for that info. Didnt realise all the home shops like kelebek etc did kitchens only thought it was furniture. When we come back in august we will go looking thanks again