Radon Thermal Davutlar

Just wondering has anyone been to this place. Is it worth a visit with a child and teenagers and adults and a couple of elderly. I know its abut 20L entrance fee. Are there any other facilities there, food, outdoor area, other treatments etc. Many thanks JJ
Yes, it's definitely worth a visit, there is tons of information about Radon Thermal on this forum, just use the search function on the right of the top bar.
Thanks for the info... Would teenagers like it, is there an outdoor seating area and should we book as there will be 19 of us..Many thanks gang. xx JJ
It's probably very boring for teenagers as there are mostly the elderly who enjoy the hot thermal waters for their health problems. And there is no outdoor seating area, just a very small area for relaxing and sleeping. No need to book, just show up. Have a good time.