Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan


Kusadasi Kiwi
A group of us took a short tour through these two countries. I thoroughly enjoyed the silk route places in Uzbekistan although obviously the historical sites had been reconstructed following all the issues over the many many centuries. Worksmanship was superb and very sympathetically done rather than just throwing concrete or marble at them and hoping they looked good. Oh and in Bukhara they have a fabulous statue of Nasraddin and his donkey.
The trip took us to some different places outside of the usual of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva - we went to the Solar energy centre and a working vineyard and winery. Some of the journeys were by high speed train. Getting around was easy, roads good and hotels more than adequate.... but the food was boring. A bit of Turkish language helps as it is the base for their own language although Russian is also spoken.

Our visas were a bit complicated so we only had 3 days in Turkmenistan which was okay by me. We went to see the crater and hopefully some of the nice things to see and do in Ashgabat but our guide was looking after himself and not us so we didn't see much at all.

Photos are pretty basic, just off the camera and not Umit's beautifully composed ones.