Sgk Compulsory Health Insurance - Important Info For Residents

So, as most of us know, it's coming. While assisting a friend with some bureaucratic stuff Detective Wifey quizzed the SGK officer in Kusadasi and we gained the following info about the coming SGK compulsory health insurance. I'm gonna put it in factoids so nobody falls off their chair with boredom.

It's compulsory.

They are going after the Turks for payments from January 1st.

They will come after us foreigners some time in the Spring. Jake51 says April which sounds about right.

They know where you live if you have a Kimlik number.

Everyone now has a Kimlik number if they are legally resident. Even if you don't know it (shame on you) the SGK know it.

Anyone doing the Samos run strategy will find life made harder by the new restrictive tourist visa.

Anyone without insurance or a Kimlik number (Those without a resident's permit ) will have to pay very high prices for state hospital treatment - for example 1,200 lira to have a foreign body removed from your eye. This is now the tariff for visitors. Visitors will not be entitled to join the state medical insurance scheme, even if they want to.

The SGK will not contact you about non-payments until you are well in arrears. Even if you have not received a card showing you have SGK health care you are assumed to have it. You have to get it yourself. Not getting it is not the SGK's problem. It's yours. You still have to pay. You still have to pay arrears. You will not get the price of any treatment or medicines back in the twilight zone when you were secretly enrolled and you got round to getting your card, You have to go and get it.

When Detective Wifey expressed astonishment, the officer told her, "That's just the way we work."

You do not have to fill out an application form to get in arrears. The SGK will only contact you when you owe them loads of money. You also have to pay penalties for missed payments. You could lose your house if you do not pay although from experience in watching compulsory house sales on our old site this takes two or three years.

It is up to you to contact the SGK and find out how much you have to pay, typically around 200 lira per month for a married couple plus any kids or a single person plus any kids.

As a dutiful citizen you are required to contact the SGK by phone or go to their offices every month although every second month is acceptable. Email contact is not acceptable. You contact them to find out about how much you have to pay, either in person or via phone. This figure varies every month, not by much but it creeps upwards.

It is not known whether this cover includes grown up kids. This is Turkey and so Detective Turkish Wifey says that, culturally, dependents who are unemployed and unmarried daughters count as children even if they are all growed up. This is speculation however. This has to be confirmed.

Payments should be made by online banking or getting your bank to do it. You are required to send the SGK a printout of the confirmation page on any banking payment. You have to do this for every payment made. This can be done in person or post although who trusts the Turkish postal system ? Not me.

There are several tariffs for medicines and treatment now. There is the "Let's screw the uninsured foreigners tariff" (see example above).

Then there is the tariff for Turks and registered foreigners - the magical Kimlik number which you can find on your Tapu or by going online (see past posts ad nauseum) or you can get at the office behind the police station on the promenade. Carry this at all times. It is your key to not being right royally screwed over if you need medical treatment. It is the number that begins 99.

Then there is the tariff for SGK insured people. Free health care, medicines at a 90% discount at the pharmacy.

Many private hospitals now have deals with the SGK. At the time of writing this means an 80% discount on private hospital treatment bills. Check BEFORE treatment commences. Some private hospitals do not have a deal.

To me, this seems to be the way to go.

Finally, those foreigners who can demonstrate that they have adequate private medical insurance are exempt from the SGK scheme. It is up to you to tell the SGK. Otherwise they will rope you in.

That's it.
Hi Jake and “”Detective Wifey””, THANK YOU for the information and taking the time to lay it all out. Please excuse my ignorance but i have 2, well maybe 3 questions.
Q1/ What is the Samos run?
Q2/ If you never, ever attended a Turkish clinic or hospital and do not intend to, must you still sign up? Because there are lots
of private clinics in Turkeys Main cities who accept Bupa ((which i have through my work arrangment). A friend of mine used one in Istanbul and it was like the Ritz with amazing reaults, all on his private UK health cover policy.
Q3/ Don’t we have insurance when we apply and get our Residence cards, without the proof of insurance cover they will not issue the card !

Many thanks again and i hope
my questions are on the minds of others.
This is really old! It was originally written in 2011 by "Freebooter" whose turkish wife was ”Detective Wifey” :

The so called "Samos run" doesn't work anymore since years, it was once used by expats living here to avoid getting a residence permission (Ikamet) for Turkey.
Thanks Karinbea, i saw it was posted yesterday and hence my reply and confusion. So one less problem to worry about then
Folks, Had to bring 18 yr old daughter to state hospital on the hill overlooking the bay last week. No biggy just a tummy bug with heat. Place is new & clean. However its a mad house, way worse than any bank. People milling about leaning over in to other people business. Wiggled our way to reception- no English ergo pigeon Turkish conversation. Private insurance is NOT accepted. Rang our agents and got the pay now claim later line up to 500 euro. So its 200TL on visa to see a triage nurse who sits out in front next the reception desk doing BP. She grades you on a traffic light system form. We got orange and were pointed in to the orange A&E room (normal A&E with bed bays). Again this was a mad house people milling about. Lady doctors cool as cucumbers seeing patients. Dr had good english. Did a quick body exam standing. Said wait by the wall until a dolly was free. 10mins later up on dolly. A nurse came out of the crowd to draw blood - not 5 vials but one really big one. Fastest blood draw I have ever seen. Using the same vein connection a bag of salts & a bag of fluid was plugged in. I was then told to go back to reception & pay 197TL for the blood test. We were then moved OUT of A&E to a step down area to consume the fluids (1hr). Then wheeled back into A&E to see Dr again. Bloods came back clear. Prescription was hand written by Dr & handed to secretary for typing. We got typed prescription & directed to nearest chemist in centrum.
Place was wild they have the police DUI testing done in A&E - seen one crazy chap in handcuffs that would scare the pants of ISIS. I actually think this may have been the most efficient working A&E that I have ever been in. In Ireland on a Friday night you can expect to wait 8+ hrs before you even see a Dr. Here we were seen treated and out in less that 3hrs. Happy to pay for a system that actually works.


With my chronic disease I always use Egemed in Söke, a private hospital, where I get a VIP treatment & service, no waiting or queuing up! When I have to be admitted I get a private room right way, a wheelchair to the lab for tests and scans, doctor visit twice daily, IVs and's like an AI hotel and SGK pays for the bulk of the bill. There is additional payment for me of course, but really it's peanuts. BTW my SGK health insurance is paid by the Netherlands. That's as good as it gets...(y)