planning amnesty 2018

Hi we are currently going through process. We are doing it through citizan advice. Cost 300tl translator 3000tl for architect. 1000tl for notory. Then we wait for price off goverment. I will keep you updated. If you live here it is cheaper. If you no what you are doing. But prob still have to get architect as it has to be mm perfect
Yes it does mean all extensions. We have a habitation license but invalid until you add all the extra bits added to house. We thought it was only about getting hab until we went into it
I used Mary in the citizen advice. Paid same. Neighbours are paying 500TL for an architect. Where I live they just cant do anything straight ha! We also have had our habitation canceled but I'm told they will want another 3,500TL for a new one on top of the amnesty. Does any one know if you can pay by VISA from abroad?
Hi we still have not heard how much gov want. Said 2 days but still waiting now a week later. We go home fri so if havnt heard by then email i suppose. We are lucky we come back out 26 dec so we can pay in time. By 31st of dec. Not sure if you can pay from abroad. But normally always away.
Mine came to 6,300TL. My dutch neighbour came to 7,600TL. We have added tiled roofs to our balconies + extra terrace space in our gardens - not on original plan. Also converted top terrace to extra bedroom ergo duplex to triplex. I'm up in Cihan Setesi back of Palmin hotel- where r u?

Goodness. Sounds like council stands to make a bit of money. But no doubt good for residents when it’s all legal. Has anyone’s been rejected?
Blinking heck was hoping a bit less than that. We to have extended balcony added lower roof and toilet downstairs and extended bedroom. We live near the new shopping mall long beach. Thank god got until xmas for the rest. Still no price as yet
Yes it was for us and our friends, especially when you weren't prepared. We altogether paid about £830, only because rate was good. Could have been a lot worse. But saying that a new kitchen is on hold now. Oh well always something, just as well i love kus
we just done ours , architect cost 500 lira , then our bill was 6,680 lira , we done a lot of running about , but appart from that 19 fab days in Kusadasi , only got home yesterday
we started ours on the 10th and by the 14th we had a text saying it was ready for paying , the only part we are not 100% about is do we have to update the tapu or is the paper work we had enough , our tapu says duplex , but its a triplex
Hello everyone. Hope you're all well.
Its a bit of a mine field at the moment not knowing what your building has or doesn't have.
Do you know what the Turkish definition means for duplex? we have a ground floor, first floor and then a top floor.
On my Tapu its says duplex but the plans have a third floor on it. Ive always thought a duplex means 2 floors but do they class the first floor as the ground floor??? hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Howard, I think duplex is also two floors. However if you enclose the roof as I have done its deemed triplex ergo a planning fine. I can also refer to semi-detached but Im not sure in the Turkish context. B