christmas celebrating in Kusadasi

hi everyone we are living in kusadasi winter times but this winter is first time we are goingtobe christmas time .my wife she finnish and wondering is there any celebrating for christmas in Kusadasi organized by kusadasi municipilty or ....etc?? thank you for concerning ..
There is normally a Concert on the seafr
ont on Christmas Eve ... mulled wine (hot wine with spices) is sold in addition to small snacks & pastries ... there will soon be posters advertising this and details on Kuşadası Belediye Website at least 3 restaurants serve a Traditional Turkey Christmas Dinner on the 25th but it would not be appropriate to advertise on here. Anyone in tourist bars in Centrum will advise you over the next weeks leading up to Christmas. I hope you and your wife have an enjoyable festive Season here in lovely Kuşadası where the sun often shines and it is warm on Christmas Day.
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