International ir domestic

Hi when we use turkush airlines from manchester to izmir obviously through ustanbul we always get directred to international when we arrive in izmir. I book the whole trip as one package so we dont have to get cases in istanbul, they are automatically put on next flight. This year we have found a different route, manchester to antalya, then onto izmir. My flights this time have been booked separately with different airlines, so would we this time land in izmir domestics as it is not a direct package from manchester thanks
It depends whether your luggage is automatically checked through to your final destination, doesn't matter if you booked 2 different airlines. So, if you get your bags in Antalya, they will go through customs there, and you'll go through Domestic at your final destination. If your luggage is automatically transfered to Izmir, you have to get your baggage at International. Ask where you get your luggage at the check in counter in Manchester to be sure.
My husband went Manchester to izmir last month through Antalya he had to go through passport control in Antalya then got a taxi to domestic departures for his internal flight to izmir we have done the route numerous times and always been the same hope this helps
We wish we had found this route before when we go out of season. At moment flights have been reduced to 225 each. We paid a bit more. Then antalya yo izmir return for 2 of us £30. We would moneywise have struggled to come this year if we only had turk airlines. Very expensive