Kusadasi Animal Rescue


Staff member
I want to mention about a lovely organization that trying their best to help our friends in streets.

We saw a cat that need help and we didn't know what to do. After a little search on Google, we found this website and dialed the number. It was Animal Rescue Kusadasi and they told us to call Pandora veterinary that they are in collaboration with.

We saw the cat near Ladies Beach, Kusadasi and I quickly went into Migros and asked them for an empty box. We put the cat into the box and walked to the vet. We met two lovely vets there and they told us all the costs are being covered by this organization.

These kind of organizations and veterinaries need to be supported. I am giving their facebook pages and websites here. If you need help, you can go them. If you want to donate, please don't hesitate because they seem they are very good on helping animals.

Animal Rescue Kusadasi

Pandora Vet, Kusadasi