Wonder cat "Wondi" looking for home!


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A few days ago, we saw a poor cat who was crying for help and she was barely able to walk on the pavement. She was keep falling off into the road and in front of cars because she was not able to see. Her eyes were fully closed because of an infection and blood was coming from her mouth too.

Thanks to "Animal Rescue Kusadasi" and "Pandora Veterinary Clinic", "Wondi" a beautiful and timid 6 month old cat is recovering. Do you know anyone that would like to give Wondi a home. In 24 hours she will go back to the street if we are unable to home her.
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Well done Ümit, unfortunately permanent homes are very rare, but there are some good people at ARK who take care of cat colonies, where the cats are living on the street or in a site but are fed and looked after. That's a better option than sending that poor little kitten back to where she came from. Good luck, hope you find a good place for Wondi!