Insurance for residency


Can anyone tell me how much insurance for residency is likely to cost for a 63 and 66 year old? Where is the best place to look and is the cheapest option the best? We have private health insurance which we can use when traveling and will spend about 5 months in Kusadasi in a year - maybe 6 with the rest spent mainly at home. I know insurance is compulsory but don’t need a bells and whistles certificate!
There are many that do this insurance, over 65’s are exempt I believe. Last year the Citizens Foreign advice centre advised a good one, not too expensive and a very basic policy enough to allow for RP.
Contact them for the name and telephone number
Hi. I took out residency in 2017. Didn’t realize you didn’t have to take out 12 month residency. Well you didn’t at that time. I only wanted 3 months extra on to visitors visa. Had to take out 12 months health insurance when applying for it. I think it was around 380€ at the time. When I got residency delivered to house I bought it back to insurance broker and I got 9 months refunded to my bank account. Used broker near main dolmas station in town. I know friends have gotten help from citizens bureau and found them very helpful. Best of luck with it.
If you prefer to get an insurance in Kuşadası, I can highly recommend Akın Topşar (tel no: 0505 5826 855).
Not only does he speak perfect english, he is very helpful and trustworthy and his prices are moderate.