Misguided by Turkish love rat

Well , i have quite a story .
4 years ago i went on a lovely holiday with my mom . I was 30 , we went to Turkey , to a Nice quite hotel .
There was a very nice animator , very charming and handsome man . Also he was very funny . One day he came to me and my mother . He said he couldn’t help himself , he had to come and talk with me . He introduced himself and said his name was Ayhan . Everyday he would come and join us , at the pool , restaurant and the bar . He only had eyes for me . I was very charmed and instant in love . The next days were amazing . I was sure i found the love of my life . From this point we had contact every single day . Every 3 months i would go to Turkey and meet with him in every hotel he worked , nena hotel in Manavgat , Vera stone palace in side . Also in many other hotels . Our love went stronger and stronger . He tould me he would marry me , i could come and live with him or he with me . He would do everything for me . I helped with money . Never he asked for money but he had is ways of letting me know when he would need money . Never i suspected that he wasn’t honest . Only thing was that he said i could not meet his family , because they are against europe women . But he didn’t care , he would build a life with me and without them he said . Two years went gone like this . Just a normal long distance relationship we had . After two years i went to Vera stone palace hotel , he was working here . This is when it started . I saw a beautiful young girl here , she was also in the previous hotel that he had worked , cause i saw her there too . She was alone there . I don’t know why but i felt that this wasn’t right . I asked Ayhan about it , he said it was just an accident , he never seen her before . I didn’t believe him . I tried to talk with this girl , but she couldn’t understand me cause she was speaking another language . Ayhan saw that i tried to have contact with her and got very angry because i didn’t trust him . So i let it go . A few months later i tried to contact him for weeks . But got no answer from him . Suddenly i got a call from him . But it wasn’t him , a girl on the other side of the phone said i should stop calling him and that she was his wife . Also she sended me many romantic pics of them both on what’s app . I was in shock . After Some searching i found this girl and start talking with her . She told me she was with him for 2 years and that they would marry the next month . Also I found in Total 28 women who he had been with for te past 2 years , girls from all around the world . I was heartbroken . I confronted him with it , he admited everything , but he is changed man now because he would go and marry . I couldn’t believe it . He is married now but i know for a fact he is still getting involved with many many women . So ladys when you go on holiday to Alanya and you meet animator Ayhan Akbas . Be aware he is a liar and a cheater !!!



What happened to you is unfortunately a big part of the "tourist industry", not only in Turkey but all over the world.
It even has a name "BEZNESS" and is played by professional lover boys. Have a look here:


Read also "How it works", "The beginning of Bezness" and "Victims" and learn from the stories of others.
Bezness has been around for ages, it's sad that there are still gullible victims, fortunately many women don't fall for it any longer but enjoy a young lover boy while on vacation. It's just a holiday romance with incredible good sex...nothing more. :love:
There are many websites warning women about certain men in different countries, there have been numerous documentations on TV about this worldwide phenomenon, there even is a french movie about the methods of those guys, it really should be known by now! :sleep: