New Regulations for Airport Transfers?

Hi. I booked my airport transfers for next month though a regular guy that I have used a number of times before. But this time I received an e mail requesting that I forward Passport number and full names of all my traveling party! It seemed an odd request! Can anybody confirm this new regulation please? Thanks.


It's a new regulation for airport transfers in Turkey, passengers have to make a reservation and register with the transfer company:
While making reservation , your name and last name, your contact number and your flight number will be requested. The validity of these information is important so as to prevent any problem that could occur during the transfer.
Sorry Karinbea! Just re reading your reply to my original post. You say full name and contact number plus flight number. No mention of Passport number. Do I need to give that information also? Thanks again .
Depends entirely on the transfer company, some need a passport to verify the customer's identity. That's how they make sure you are who you claim to be and no terrorist. Bon voyage!