Hi weve been going to kus now for at least 13 years. Weve always paid our electric bill as we left each time, then they wouldnt accept our meter numbers, so for a couple of years myself and our friends have to go to aydem main office first then to aydem to pay bill. Its been ok until this time last week. We went to main office but queue was horrendous, then we would of had to queue up again to pay it. So we left it. Only good thing is that was last week and we are back in three weeks. Praying not cut off. So im looking into paying it through bank ir online somehow. I dont want to do ddebit as it isn't much a year but would like an easy way to pay. My question is how can we pay this when we are not there. We are with garanti. We dont want to do it through the ege eye. Many thanks
Why not go to Garanti and ask or go to Aydem website and see how to pay online ... we are set up on Otomatik via AK Bank went in there to do it initially and never had a problem!
Thanks. I have been researching this automatic payment. Does it mean if i set it up between aydem and bank then aydem will send bill to bank and it automatically gets paid. We only have a few bills a year dont want standing order as we dont live there. Sorry to be pain just trying to understand it, so when i come over i can sort it. Thanks again
I think you would need to ask your Bank to explain the system ...other people in our Apartment Block have otomatik payments even though they are rarely there ... the bills come each month and just show otomatik ...
Kastamonu is right, ask your Bank.
We have automatic payment for our electric, so much easier. It was several years ago, but from what I remember, we took our Aydem bill to the bank, and they set up the payment for us. They just needed our Aydem customer number. The system for Aydem payment is what we know as a direct debit, not to be confused with a standing order - which we use for monthly aidat.

The difference is that a standing order is set up by the bank account holder who wants to send a payment on specific dates and for specific amounts, often with a set expiry time in the future, or until further notice. The payment amounts are given by the account holder to the bank at the time of setting up the standing order, and are usually the same amount for every payment, although not always. In Turkey, standing orders can only be set up for a maximum period of 2 years, and then have to be renewed. In UK you can have a standing order payment period for an unlimited period, until you cancel it- until further notice. We didn't know that in Turkey there was a maximum period for a standing order, and only found out when we realised our monthly aidat had stopped being paid.

A direct debit is controlled by the person who wants to receive a payment. ie Aydem. The direct debit allows them to claim the amount due from the bank, and the amount can vary each time it is requested . Once it is set up, you don't need to do anything, as Aydem will request the amount due from the bank,. They will still issue you the bill at your home, but that would show that payment is automatic and which bank it will be claimed from and the date it will be claimed from the bank, usually about 2 weeks after the meter reading bill. If there has been no usage, then there is no bill, so nothing to pay, so no request sent the bank. We do not spend as much time in Kus as previously, so only have bills issued occasionally throughout the year, although I know that Aydem do check the electric meter each month. The direct debit payments will continue being requested indefinitely, when there is an amount due, as there is not a maximum period for them, and so do not have to be renewed. We get a text message from the bank to our phone advising us when Aydem is requesting a payment from our account. When I am in Kus, I do check my home electric bills with the amounts taken from the bank and check the meter readings tally on from each bill. When in UK, I also often check on Aydem website , using our Aydem customer number, to see our Aydem account. It also helps if you have internet banking for your Turkish bank account, as you can check the payments there as well.

You can also do direct debit for your water bill, although I still haven't done that, as the water company does not seem as organised as Aydem. Meter reading are not taken on any regular basis, and often the bill is not left or is stuck in the door grill, and has blown away, they never bother to put it in the letter box.. I check online our account with Aydin Aski using our customer number, and just pay what is owed using a credit card. I do the same with our annual council tax. I can't be bothered with all the long queues.
Thank you for that i think i understand now, its direct debit but not a regular payment. Only whats due. Aswell as taking an electric bill to bank, do you also gave to tell aydem.