Check the totals on your electronic itemised restaurant bills.

We had a interesting experience last week, in a restaurant we have often visited, and which is popular with many expats- The Marvista on the promenade.

We are aware how much prices have gone up, and we were discussing this, and thinking how much our simple meal was going to cost compared to say last year.
When the bill arrived, it was 225.00 ytl, a little more than we expected. It was an electronic itemised bill, so I just checked what we had been charged for. It was correct, nothing added that we hadn't had. As we had only had starters, mains and drinks (2 beers, a water and a coffee), just glancing at the bill, I realised that the total did not add up correctly, as only one item listed included kurus, then 50 kurus was missing. So I added the items up properly, and their total came to 210.50 ytl. We check my addition again. I could not understand how an electronic bill with the food and drink itemised did not add up to the electronic total. We then thought that it might include service, so we waved the waiter over, and asked if the bill included service. He said no it didn't, so I told him that our bill did not add up. He didn't say a word, just took the bill, and was back in almost an instant with another itemised bill, but one with the correct electronic total of 210.50ytl .Almost as if it had been there all along. No apologies, no explanation. Not even a register of surprise or look at the bill I showed him.

We have never checked the total of electronic bills before. We often check the items we are being charged for, but never add them up to check them with the total, we just assume that the electronic bill would be correct if the items are correct.

If I had not picked up the missing 50 kurus from the bill, we would have paid 225 ytl instead of 210.50 ytl, and my husband would have left his usual 10%ish tip- 20ytl on top.

I know 15 ytl is not a lot if translated to £, but it is the principle of potentially being overcharged. The restaurant is usually busy when we go there, and so if this is happening on a regular basis each night with totals being incorrect by small amounts on electronic bills, then, if it is deliberate, it is potentially " a nice little earner", and possibly a tax dodge, particularly if cash is being used to pay rather than a credit card- but that is between them and the tax man, and their conscience.
So do check your electronic itemised bills, and make sure that the items add up to the total printed. In the past there were often issues in restaurants with hand written bills not added up correctly. Some were done deliberately, but often it was a lack of basic arithmetic skills, and we were often aware of the tax dodge of the "bill" in a glass that then disappeared after we had paid cash. We will now be looking at all bills like hawks in future, calculators at the ready.

A genuine mistake - The jury is still out on that, but I'm afraid the Marvista won't get a second chance, and we won't be going back, despite many enjoyable meals there over several years. I must add, that despite our suspicions, my husband still left a tip of 20ytl.


...we won't be going back, despite many enjoyable meals there over several years...
Take it easy, this happens anytime anywhere. We always check our bills and believe me, if we would start to boykott the restaurants that tried to "rip us off", there would not be a place left to have a meal. :LOL:
Why don't you give them the benefit of the doubt and keep enjoying your evenings out. Keep checking the bills, take it like a game, it really isn't a big deal... ;)
Also ... despite his approach ... the waiter (no doubt on the minimum wage) ... would have been very grateful for that tip ... difficult economic times in Turkey ... so hard for many and so lucky for us ...


We don’t eat out often but from force of habit we always check bills and have rarely had a problem. Any problem is usually with handwritten one that have a global figure and not an itemized bill.- but usually you’d have a reasonable idea if the cost of what you’d ordered - I’d never quibble unless there was a major difference, but if I thought I was deliberately being ripped off it would color my view of the tip to be left.