Fire in Kusadasi

Yesterday there were 27 consecutive fires in one day throughout Turkey. In Yaylaköy near Kuşadası was a forest fire which damaged 2 hectares of land. Sun rays in contact with broken glass ignited and caused the fire , which grew because of the wind and spread in a short time to the area.
And yet again a fire broke out of undetermined reason in an olive grove in Yaylaköy near Kuşadası, which destroyed 15 acres of olive trees!
It's a worry! :eek:


Very worrying alright Karinbea- I remember the awful forest fires between Izmir and kusadasi when s huge swathe of countryside was destroyed - allegedly on purpose to have more land for houses! It’ll end up like the Amazon river basin if people are so careless of their environment!
Two wildfires today in Yenıdoğan / Söke and Davutlar, spreading fast due to strong winds.
There are two firefighting planes and three helicopters in the air , trying to extinguish the fire near Davutlar.