Internet providers


Does anyone know the answers to the following questions or can point us in the direction of someone who can give the answers?
Which company provides the best broadband internet? Is fiber optic available? Can you get an unlimited package? Can you get an eight month package and finally any idea roughly of costs.
We’re thinking of installing some sort of internet but frankly don’t know where to start. Any help much appreciated.
Hi we have ttnet, we pay 62tl per month. That was 18 months ago probably more now. I have heard you can opt in and out but because we come every few months it would be to much trouble to stop and start it. So we have not looked into it. It can be hit and miss sometines. I think it was karinbea put an article on about how great turkey is for most things but internet is quite bad. Think it said Afrika has better internet. If you look under internet on this forum.
We had a problem last time we were out, so went to main office down near front and it was sorted by the time we got home. Wouldnt be without it
Hi. Looked in to getting broadband 2 years ago. Think we had to take out a contract for 12 months and could opt in and out after that. Neighbors pay 65lira a month and always fast enough for television. We piggyback off them for WhatsApp etc. out on August 9th and thinking of getting it in as Mother and her friends out early September for 5 weeks and would like television. Let us know how you get on. Enjoy
We’re not back until September ourselves but since we’ve gotten residency we figured it would be more economic to install the internet so while I’d looked into it before it involved a twelve month contract which we didn’t want - I’ll certainly let you know what transpires!