Earthquake Kusadasi


Did you feel it? There were earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.8 and 5.1 at 11.39 am, in total there were about 14 smaller aftershocks in the Gulf of Kuşadası.
Scary, but we never felt a thing here in Davutlar. Hope the earth is quiet now...
Felt it very much in the Marina area ... whole apartment shook for around 2 minutes ... yes was alone (hubby just arrived in Portugal on oil tanker) and I was very scared!
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Oh my! We’re back in less than a month so I’m hoping that it’s all over by then. It’s a eerie feeling when the ground moves under you for real - and sometimes the noise that goes with it! The main thing is that there are no reports of fatalities or major damage unlike 1998- that was a serious business.
Today at 6.38 pm an earthquake of 4.4 magnitude on Samos which could be felt in the Kuşadası area,
although we live right opposite Samos in Davutlar, we did not notice a thing
Anybody felt the tiny quake yesterday? It was only 2.7 magnitude, but nevertheless some of my friends did notice it in the Kuşadası area.