Does anyone have the same problem? My electric bill went from 300 every month to 250 per week.
I am checking it weekly now - it is 750 TL for 3 weeks.
It is a different electricity provider in North Cyprus ... but elec prices here in Turkey have increased over the last months with more increases on the way! There was a recent post on the Ege Eye Facebook page about this ... this of course applies to us and our Turkish provider ... Aydem.
Last xmas we came for 9 days, we both became very ill. It was a cold one last year so had aircon heating on plus blanket plus heating upstairs when we out of shower. Virtually had it on all the time. Was dreading the bill, our aircon is new and supposed to be economical, well it was, was expecting it to be hundreds but was only 78tl. Prices have risen alot but what your paying still sounds a bit much.


There has been as Kastamonu has stated an increase in electricity costs with Aydem-the electricity provider for Kuşadası. If you are in northern Cypress everything is different - price, availability, provider etc. it is not the same as mainland Turkey. Notwithstanding all of that, your costs appear to be very very high.