I have the cheapest very simple unit split with outside fan. This is the most common. I have a new unit I have not used in one bedroom for 3 years. It won't switch on.

I have been told just to press the reset button to save a TL300 calL-out charge.

From YOUTUBE I believe there is a reset button on the outdoor fan which is coloured RED and I just used a non-metal plastic straw to reset it. PLASTIC FOR SAFETY. I have done that to no avail.

Where I think the reset button is located on the indoor unit is under the cover. There are 2 black dots behind 2 holes in the white plastic on the right hand side to the right of a black cover.

I thought I could just press these for 5 seconds and it would reset. I tried it but there is no 'click' and nothing happens.

I am really puzzled please help.