NOWRUZ.....New Year ( Iranian Calendar )

A Tire local told me ( a while back ) that an annual festival, held since early 1400, is celebrtated on the third week of March marking the first day of spring in the Iranian calender - which this year will be Friday 20 March. This is when the sun straddles the equator equalising night and day.

In fact this day called Nowruz is celebrated as the first day of the new year in the Iranian calendar and is celebrated throughout the Indian coninent as New Years day.

I'm told its worth visiting and experiencing......I might check it out this year.
Nevruz Bayramı is celebrated all over Turkey as well, Kurdish people around Kuşadası build large bonfires and jump over them for good luck.
There will be lots of Iranian tourists in Kuşadası for the weeklong holiday. In Istanbul there is a huge event for Nevruz each year on Sultanahmet Meydanı, right in the center between the big mosques, well worth visiting! (y)
Turkey closed it's borders with Iran due to the corona virus outbreak, no flights, trains, buses, cars or people are allowed to enter Turkey