Turkey bans import of e-cigarette products

Oh! is this move protecting the revenue stream from tobacco? To my eye the Turks are huge smokers. It would be interesting to see their cancer figures.


The e- cigarettes are thought to be even more harmful than cigarettes- and yes I think there are a lot of smokers in Turkey- cigarettes are ridiculously cheap!

As can be seen here, lung cancer is 30% of all cancer patients in Turkey, followed by breast cancer with 25%!
Smoking has been widely banned in Turkey since years already, the big boss doesn't like tobacco!
Lung cancer in Turkey is not only caused by smoking tobacco but in most cases by the poisonous fumes from sobas,
they burn a lot of unhealthy stuff like plastics, painted wood, rubber, furniture, paint, clothing, shoes, all their rubbish and cause severe air pollution during winter. The air in Kuşadası during winter is not breathable on days without a breeze, it's a shame...
Funny you should mention that because I noticed the smell from burning rubbish around my estate last Nov - rather toxic TBH.