Summer holidays

I read somewhere Turkey is hoping to restart letting U.K. and Irish flights resume late July 23rd (I think), however passengers will have to have a certificate to say your Covid free and they are planning testing at the airports
Plans are afoot to let the Turkish over 65 come out of lockdown and travel from town to town if they want to with a special travel code.
The article also says Prof. Yamanel from the Covid Science Board says the wearing of masks is until 2021!! . Obviously the social aspects of a good holiday will be badly affected. But let’s hope this time next year this will all be over and we can resume a “new” normal life.
For now stay safe and look forward to a blowout holiday in the future.
Keeping my fingers crossed

*According to the three-month flight plan, starting in June, Turkish Airlines will fly to 22 destinations in 19 countries, including Canada, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus, Israel, Kuwait, Georgia and Lebanon, with a weekly frequency of 75 flights.
*The airline is projected to operate 60 percent of domestic flights to all destinations, then to add destinations in July and August.
*The number of destinations and flight frequency on international routes will rise to 103 and 572, respectively, in July, and to 160 and 937 in August.
*It plans to gradually build up the number of destinations to 99 countries in September, according to the plan, which the company told Reuters may be subject to change in line with developments.
There is no information about charter flights to Turkey yet, hope we'll be able to see our daughter this year, we miss her so much :cry:
We have lost two flights already this year. The next is end of August which we are praying will go ahead. Otherwise it will be xmas. We have our own home so would still come. I admit wouldn't be the same with masks on normal holiday but sometimes when we come over we just relax, happy to sit there and read. So for us we would still come if only to sit in, do a few jobs, nice walks bbq that would still be great for us. Its very sad what is happening but at least we are alive, so if we have to miss this year, so be it. Stay safe everyone.