Corona arrived in Turkey


They don't tell where that happened and what about the other passengers from the plane? Are they isolated and monitored as well?
Health Minister Fahrettin Koca urged people not to be alarmed by the diagnosis, saying the country had still steered clear of an outbreak.
“The coronavirus is not strong enough to break through the measures taken by Turkey,” he added. :LOL::ROFLMAO:
The turkish government annonced all flights will be banned to Britain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.
Kuşadası belediyesı made an important announcement:
as of midnight today will be closed down all theaters, cinemas, show centers, concert halls, engagement/wedding halls, restaurants and cafés with live music, casinos, pubs, taverns, coffeehouses, cafés, cafeterias, tea gardens, shisha and internet cafés, game salons, indoor playgrounds (including shopping malls and restaurants), clubs, amusement parks, swimming pools indoor & outdoor, Turkish baths, saunas, thermal baths, massage parlors, SPA centres and sports / fitness centers!
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What now???

Turkey on March 21 imposed a partial curfew for citizens over the age of 65 and those with chronic diseases, effective as of midnight, as part of measures against the coronavirus outbreak.
“As of midnight today, the citizens aged 65 and over and also people who suffer from chronic illnesses are restricted to go out of their homes and to walk in open areas such as parks, gardens,” the interior ministry said in a statement.


Kusadasi Kiwi
Been away for a long time but now isolated at home as NZ has done exactly what Turkey has started doing. Been gradually working towards total lock down which starts midnight Wed. Only emergency services to be out on the streets. Been partial lockdown until now with over 70's isolated and work from home if you can. I'm still working and can do only so much from home but have been home over a week now. Hopefully this will flatten the curve of cases although we are anticipating a surge until about 2 weeks into the lockdown when the isolations should start showing positive results. Fortunately my pantry is well stocked but the home delivery service has ramped up and we like Turkey are close to self sufficient in food and of all things - toilet paper :)

Take care everyone. Despite not being part of this community for so long I still have soft spot for it.
Likewise I’m not often on here,but pop in to see what others are up to. scary times in the world,where the health threat is big enough to close countries! I too have been practicing reduced contact for past week,and now relieved that it’s been made compulsory. Loads of idiots don’t seem to get the reasoning and the nice weather at the weekend brought crowds out,like a bank holiday weekend. Hope you all stay safe and healthy.