Corona arrived in Turkey

*As of Sunday, unfortunately, Turkey had to take the inevitable step of curtailing outdoor activities for individuals over the age of 65 and those suffering from chronic illness...
*the elders out on the streets being warned and ushered off to their homes, to not be issued the hefty fine of TL 3,150 ($477) ...
*Turkey’s Interior Ministry advises that for any concerns from citizens or otherwise, there are three hotlines people can call to receive assistance: 112, 155 and 156...
*for example, if you dial 112 and there isn’t an English speaker on the line, try and try again, and soon, there will be...
*The 112 helpline will be working in conjunction with such groups and will be able to direct callers to assistance based on their individual needs. So, for example, if you had an impending doctor’s appointment, there may be systems set up in which individual permission for such matters can be granted. Meanwhile, let it also be known that the procedure for refilling medicine by a doctor’s prescription has been lifted and those who have medical reports and require medication are able to obtain it when the date of availability comes without having to get a prescription from a doctor and the medication can be picked up by a relative or friend of the patient...
*start with dialing 112, the 155 hotline, which connects you to the police, may end up being the number for shopping emergencies and the same goes for 156, which is the number for the gendarmerie...


Kusadasi Kiwi
As like Turkey we have quite a few tourists stranded as they didn't head the warnings to go home early. Now as the majority come from Europe and the UK we can't get them home and bring back our people stranded as long haul flights need to refuel and all those hubs have closed.
We too have the idiots who say it's just a heavy cold ... mmm don't think so.

We're moving into winter which in itself will bring the usual ailments.

Again take care.
Afaik there are no tourists stranded in Turkey, but there are 919 000 expats permanently living here (2019),
not counting the millions of migrants (3.6) who are refugees here. COVID-19 is spreading fast... the Turkish government officials say it's everywhere!
So please stay at home and be safe!!!
Unfortunately our friends are stranded cant get home, even tried the consulate. First flight so far 1st May. They didnt get a choice to not come or go back, but fortunately they have there own home here in Turkey. They are in lockdown as they are 70. It is getting realy bad over here aswell. But we and her family have assured them they would be licked in here to, cant see family and deffo cant go out. On our site we have friends who have been helping them with shoping etc. Even bought her a birthday cake for her 70th. I was due to come next week totally gutted. Keep safe all
Please be careful about what you post:

*Turkey has detained 19 suspects for sharing “unfounded and provocative” posts on social media about the deadly coronavirus outbreak
*the detained people were sharing posts claiming, “the virus has become an epidemic in our country, the relevant authorities are not taking adequate precautions and that the matter is being hidden from the public.”

*Turkey has detained 64 people for sharing “unfounded and provocative” posts on social media about the deadly coronavirus outbreak, according to the Interior Ministry.
*The Interior Ministry on late March 19 said that 64 of 242 suspects have been detained for allegedly making unfounded and provocative coronavirus posts on social media since March 11.
*The detention process continues for other determined cases, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
Government restrictions for (street)markets:

*In marketplaces offering staple foods or cleaning materials, the sale of non-essential items will not be allowed, according to the circular.
*Fresh vegetables and fruits sold unpackaged in marketplaces must be packaged by the sellers, avoiding customer contact with the items.
*The sale of non-essential items such as clothing, toys, ornaments, and bags will be temporarily suspended as of March 27 at 17:00 (1400 GMT).
*At least three meters of distance must be left between stalls to reduce the density in marketplaces.