Corona arrived in Turkey

Government restrictions for (street)markets:

*In marketplaces offering staple foods or cleaning materials, the sale of non-essential items will not be allowed, according to the circular.
*Fresh vegetables and fruits sold unpackaged in marketplaces must be packaged by the sellers, avoiding customer contact with the items.
*The sale of non-essential items such as clothing, toys, ornaments, and bags will be temporarily suspended as of March 27 at 17:00 (1400 GMT).
*At least three meters of distance must be left between stalls to reduce the density in marketplaces.
Turkey has banned foreign nationals until at least April 30th. Let’s hope this world is cleared of this heartbreaking disease soon and we can get back to a normal life. In the meantime please stay safe
*Turkey's tourism season is expected to be on hold until the end of May due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country's culture and tourism minister said Thursday.
"Hopefully, we will see that tourism activities will start again during the Ramadan Feast," Mehmet Nuri Ersoy noted.
Eid al-Fitr, or Ramadan Bayram, will be celebrated at the end of May this year.
He added that the first activities will start with domestic tourists.
*Flights expected to restart by end of June
Ersoy said air traffic from Asia would likely be opened first, followed by Russia, then the Balkans and Europe. Domestic flights would also restart, he said.
This is not looking good at all. I think the budget conscious families will have less disposable cash after this period ergo they wont travel abroad. Lots of time will be spent visiting relatives & spending quality time at home. End of June date is really July I think this is a season lost. There is a saying in financial circles "when all else fails they bring you to war". I fear this may be Turkey's fate.
Optimistic I fear! “I hope I am wrong”
This is going to be a telling time for the world’s economy. İf the big guys are feeling the pinch, what hope is there for the small guys and in Kusadasi the seasonal traders?
Stay safe and let’s hope and pray this pandemic passes quickly and we all come out the other side in good health.
*new measures include a partial curfew for citizens under 20, a 15-day ban on vehicles leaving or entering 31 provinces
*Erdoğan set a curfew restricting those younger than 20 from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary.
*Wearing face-masks in crowded areas including stores is also now mandatory, said the president, and the gathering of crowds in open spaces, including streets, is not allowed.
Free facemasks for everybody! Citizens can get 5 masks person / week!
Except those aged 20 or under, and 65 or older because they must stay at home anyway.

Unfortunately if one wants to apply there is the following message:

Dear Citizens,
We thank you for your intense interest.
In order to provide you with a healthier service, we would like to inform you that we will receive your applications regarding free mask requests through the e-Government Gateway as soon as possible.
We would like to inform you that we will share the necessary announcements with you when the system for free mask supply is available via the e-Government Gateway.
Thank you for your understanding.
Hope this works before Covid-19 is over...


Kusadasi Kiwi
We're in a bit of a lull before the storm here with a much firmer lockdown than many counties. Most are complying however very embarrassing for our PM who is trying so hard to get everyone on side with the measures when her Minister of Health went for a drive and took his kids to the beach, then took himself of for a long mountain bike ride. Difficult. She wanted to sack him but because he is part of a vital team and getting someone up to speed quickly would be a nightmare - she told him off, taken away another portfolio which halves his income but suspect he will disappear once the heat's off the emergency measures.
We have at the moment another 2.2 weeks in full lockdown before the next step is taken. When I say full I mean I am only allowed out for a short walk to get fresh air (and am to stay in a radius of 1km of my home). Groceries are to be delivered as I'm in the at risk age group and there are no takeaways or takeaways coffees for even essential workers. So far the new infection rates are slowing but we are now heading into the 2nd 14 day cycle of this so could easily go up again. I'm coping but feel for those with young kids and working from home in small homes.
I at least have a garden I can sit in - until the rain commences again.

Stay safe people.
Announcement of the Kuşadası Belediyesı:
*Monday market Güzelçamlı at current location
*Tuesday market at Kuşadası otogarı
* Wednesday Ikiçeşmelik Semt Pazarı at otogar
* Friday market next to Kaya Aldoğan Lisesi
* Sunday Ege Mah.Semt Pazarı at current location
*Sunday Davutlar Pazarı at current location

Stay safe, wear a facemask to the market as is mandatory!
This is ridiculous, got a message in turkish (from SAGLIKBKN...) on my cell phone,
telling me that "it has been detected that you are out of your isolation zone.For everyone's good, please stay at home"
For crissake I've been at home for 20 days now, never ever left the place, not even for a second, you morons!!! :mad::rolleyes::LOL::ROFLMAO:
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Kusadasi Kiwi
I just got a timeline on my phone which showed I'd been to the Drs in the last 3 weeks. (flu injection) Big Brother is certainly watching.
Karinbea - you know you have been great and doing what is required but no doubt there are others who need more than just a gentle reminder.
Big issues here at the moment as it's Easter weekend and the weather is glorious. It's also very traditional to go away as it is the last longish public holidays before the winter and then it's a long holidayless haul back to the next big long weekend so people are driving and heading to beaches and holiday homes in semi isolated communities. Being turned back at checkpoints and lots of tantrums.

Is your lockdown going to go through the early stages of ramadam?
"Hopefully, we will see that tourism activities will start again during the Ramadan Feast," Mehmet Nuri Ersoy noted.
Eid al-Fitr, or Ramadan Bayram, will be celebrated at the end of May this year.
President of the Religious Affairs, Ali Erbaş, announced that the Tarawih prayers to be performed in Ramadan will not take place in mosques during the pandemic
Interesting read about the timeline of corona in Turkey:

Stay at home. stay safe everybody! (y):)
The government announced a total curfew for everybody for the weekend, starting at midnight yesterday!
It's a street ban, nobody is allowed outside. For emergency needs (pharmacy etc) call 444 7114 or 0552 460 4040 for help / assistence.
Thousands went out yesterday evening to buy last minute supplies to get through the weekend,
Monday everybody will be allowed back to work as usual. That's the current situation in Turkey :love::cool: