Corona arrived in Turkey

This is Turkey, most people haven't a clue how to wear a facemask...

People ran to still-open markets, groceries and bakeries, creating a packed crowd lining for meters especially in front of bakeries. The obligatory masks were not yet efficiently distributed, so many amongst the crowd did not have the necessary precautions to keep safe. For the ones who did wear masks, their mask-wearing attire was rather questionable, some leaving their noses and nostrils revealed, some pulling the masks down when speaking or shouting to others not to cut in line.
Another weekend curfew is starting at midnight today

*Bakeries, pharmacies and private and public hospitals will be open during this weekend’s lockdown
*Special commissions will be in charge of bread distribution in neighborhoods
*During the lockdown, newspapers will be delivered to homes by newspapers’ vehicles, designated water delivery companies and Vefa Social Support Group.
*Companies that sell bottled drinking water and gas cylinders will also be open during the lockdown.
Stay at home, stay safe! (y)

Source: Hürriyet


That’s pretty much like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted! The virus doesn’t respect weekends, or religious times. Restrictions on movement do work but only over a long period. Things will not improve quickly with ad hoc restrictions unfortunately. I know it’s hard but it’s for the greater good.


Turkey has done extraordinarily well so far ... a country of around 84 million people!
Yes it has - credit where it’s due - but movement facilitates the spread of the virus and there is far too much movement in Turkey regrettably. Being stuck at home and only going out for essentials is hard as is keeping 2 metres away from all but those if your own household, not to mention being confined to a 1or 2 km distance of your home if you do go out- but it helps stop the disease spreading and helps protect everybody.
More measures put in place now regarding restricting travel by land, air and sea ... for the next 15 days ... good ...



Turkey extends entry, exit restrictions on 31 provinces
Restrictions for entry, exit by land, air, sea extended for 15 days effective midnight to curb spread of novel coronavirus
Orhan Onur Gemici |18.04.2020

Turkey on Saturday extended restrictions on entry and exit by land, air and sea on 31 provinces for an additional 15 days to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus outbreak.
The Interior Ministry announced the measure, effective midnight on the capital Ankara, as well as the provinces of Adana, Antalya, Aydin, Balikesir, Bursa, Denizli, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Malatya, Manisa, Mardin, Mersin, Mugla, Ordu, Sakarya, Samsun, Sanliurfa, Tekirdag, Trabzon, Van and Zonguldak.
The ministry reiterated that in order to manage the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be critical that residents adhere to social isolation rules, reducing mobility and contact with others.
It is essential for all citizens living in these provinces to stay in their cities for the specified period, it underlined.
The novel coronavirus has spread to 185 countries and regions since emerging in China last December, with the U.S. and Europe now the hardest-hit areas.
More than 2.28 million cases have been reported worldwide, with the death toll exceeding 156,000 and over 581,000 recoveries, according to data compiled by the U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University.

* Writing by Jeyhun Aliyev
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Yes it has - credit where it’s due - but movement facilitates the spread of the virus and there is far too much movement in Turkey regrettably. Being stuck at home and only going out for essentials is hard as is keeping 2 metres away from all but those if your own household, not to mention being confined to a 1or 2 km distance of your home if you do go out- but it helps stop the disease spreading and helps protect everybody.
I am over 65 so cannot go out at all! ... extremely hard ... this also applies to 20 and under age group here in Turkey.
No ... away working (probably another 4 months) on a ship Peril ... at least he has work and all 16 crew safe & well ... but of course unable to get out at any Port on the journey! Take care & stay safe all.
Turkey is doing well in this fight against Covid19
Unfortunately U.K. not so well with 230 deaths per million capita. Turkey on the other hand has 22 per million...... telling stats.
U.K. depending on the kindness of Turkey to send vital PPE supplies.
Stay safe everyone
I am not sure how accurate they are since the media silenced. And there are a lot of claims that they get "natural causes" in death certificate while they were in hospital because of covid.
I hear what you’re saying and have to say I really believe no government is being completely transparent on what is really happening during this world pandemic, nor do I think it’s the right thing to do to point the finger at China, for doing exactly the same thing. The media pictures from China in January spoke volumes. Now i am no politician nor health administrator and I worked it out. Surley government should have taken heed then and stopped huge gatherings!!
At that time the best the U.K. government could offer was wash your hands ????
Now here in U.K. we are in a situation where medical staff are being put at risk daily. It may come to a situation where these wonderful people can no longer go to work .... then what??
Yes an empathetic leader who stands with and listens to her people. One who took a 20% pay cut along with her ministers to help fund the fight against the virus. Whilst here U.K. our MPs have increased their income by £10k to work from home, the government has sent a useless letter to every home in the land to tell us to wash our hands costing £5.8m, all this whilst a 100yr olds is doing daily walks to raise money for NHS !.... what can I say (head in hands)


Kusadasi Kiwi
At the moment of writing this Jacinda is probably making one of the most important decisions of her life, with the help and hinderance of the cabinet and opposition.
It's decision time whether NZ goes out of Level 4 lockdown into Level 3 lockdown which allows more retail and commerce and limited freedom, or we stay at Level 4 which is a far stronger lockdown than so many countries for an additional probably 14 days which appears to be the cycle of contamination then spread and recovery.

The fors are the economy - the minus's are the issue that while our cases are now single digit our contact data bases still need more work (about a week according to the programmers) to nationalise it rather than have it provincially segregated, and more tests are needed to ensure that some of the more isolated areas and hot spots areas do not have hidden cases. The random 300-400 each done daily at various supermarkets are coming back without cases so the next step is to send mobile units out to stop and test people who are travelling when they shouldn't be (they are the ones most likely to have flouted the rules and put the rest of us at risk) and to also use those mobile units in some of the areas where people rely on public transport or don't move far from their homes or have huge families inside their bubbles. (terminology for who you can and can't see). I'm a bubble of one. Under 3 I can become a bubble of 2 if I want to invite a relative or friend in.

Level 3 has some major issues to with the rough outline of what they are going to do about education for varying ages and sectors. Needs more time to really get it right.

Watch this space ...