Corona arrived in Turkey


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Well decisions made. Pushed out slightly the time in Level 4 to cover the Anzac long weekend which takes away 2 days of trading for those now allowed to, but gives time for more certainty around the contact tracing etc etc.
I think she has been quite clever in softening the blow as obviously those not working want to get back to work asap (even in reduced circumstances), but those in lockdown will be able to tolerate extra time, but too much and the rebellion would be political and health suicide. Level 3 remains the same for me but it will get about 10% additional people back into the work force but it has to be done safely - ie lots of rules. The work from home and essentials were always at work so this will help the economy.

As always there are the doubters, flouters, do it my way and screamers but is probably the only safe way forward until after 2 weeks in Level 3 the results will be once again evaluated to decide where to go next. Positive cases today 9.

We have been very very fortunate that our total population is smaller than many of your small cities and as she put it once... "we have a moat" lets use our isolation to our advantage. First time I've heard an ocean called a moat but it's a good description, plus we had time on our side to evaluate and learn from the problems faced by Europe.

Stay safe.
Four day curfew!

*bakeries, hospitals, pharmacies and workplaces producing health products and medical supplies will continue to operate.
*Markets and grocery stores will operate from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 23-24 due to the beginning of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
*They will be closed on April 25 and 26.
Stay at home, stay safe, stay healthy (y)
Covid-19 measures for a market in Kuşadası (pics):

Within the scope of coronavirus measures:
*We established a Disinfectant Tunnel at the market entrances.
*We divided the market places with security lanes and separated the entrance and exit ways.
*Our police teams, which do not allow entry to the unmasked market place, also mask our citizens at the entrances.
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Please excuse me while I have a little blub. (cry for those who don't understand my terminology)
Today is Anzac Day - one special to NZers as a Remembrance Day iafor other countries and was initially in recognition of the losses at Gallipoli. This year of course - no service - no gatherings and none of the usual right of passage of so many NZers and Australians who have made the pilgrimage to Gallipoli.

Full kudos and many thanks to the gardener from the Gallipoli site who placed wreaths on all the antipodean sites. We as a nation of so grateful to him for his thoughts and honouring us this way.

Turkey has it's problems but it also has a wonderfully deep heart.
Seeing ICU footage from all over the world, it certainly is scary!! I am so in awe of these clinicians, Very Brave people all of them.
I cannot imagine getting up every day to go to a job like that.
But how fabulous for all those staff, when a patient who was critically ill, gets better and goes home thanks to their interventions. ;)
Amazing Christine, it has to give them some hope in the face of adversity, My post on them being scared (here in U.K.) is based on the lack of PPE at the hands of what seems to be an incompetent joke of a government. Everyday we hear more and more of their shortcomings. Generally I do not have strong political feelings but day to day as more revelations are aired on the media that they have no answers to,makes me so angry. To think that the leaders of this country have such ill regard for its citizens is a national disgrace.
I’m a bit sceptical about media reports. Sensation will sell news. A lot of my ex colleagues tell me they have adequate ppe and their workload is still manageable. But we never get to see news reports about that. It would be a very short update.
I am well aware of things being ramped up by media, however when you see a politician being asked an important direct question one would expect an answer wether it be positive or negative
The drill in October 2016. Paid for by the tax payers. Called Exercise Cygnus, involved all major government departments, the NHS and local authorities across Britain. The modelling for the outbreak was prepared by the same team that is tracking the Covid-19 pandemic now. Showed gaping holes in Britain’s Emergency preparation,resilience and response. From these findings one would expect the government to ramp up to meet the demands. This was not done and politicians have no answers to that. Hence the situation we now find ourselves in.
Yes you have to filter out the crazy things that are being reported, but at the end of the day over 40k people in U.K. have lost their lives to this and we have to ask ourselves why? Surely they fell down on their duty of care.
Hurray, we are allowed to go out for a short while! Back to normal soon? Great news, I'm so exited (y):cool:;)

*Erdoğan said senior and youth citizens will be allowed outside for 4 hours for one day a week starting this weekend. People over age 65 will be allowed to go outside for four hours a day on May 10 while on May 13 children up to age 14 will be able to go out within walking distance of their houses from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m., and people age 15-20 will be able to go out on May 15 under the same conditions.
*Travel restrictions would be lifted for seven cities, excluding Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir; namely Antalya, Aydın, Erzurum, Hatay, Malatya, Mersin, and Muğla.
*He said shopping malls, barber shops, and some stores will be allowed to open on May 11 as long as they abide by normalization rules, adding that universities would return to their academic calendar as of June 15.
The "new normal" in Turkey:

*Shopping malls, barber shops, and some stores will open, travel restrictions will be lifted for seven cities, excluding Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir, senior and youth citizens will be allowed outside for four hours for one day a week starting this weekend.
*Consumers will be required to wear face masks when they visit shopping malls, and their temperatures will be checked at the entrance. Stores inside the malls will have larger empty space to ensure social distancing. Only a certain number of shoppers will be allowed inside the stores one at a time. Fitting rooms will be regularly sanitized.
*Clothes, which consumers try on, will be disinfected with UV light. At the cashiers, shoppers will stand two meters apart from each other. Escalators will be disinfected regularly, while elevators won’t operate.
*More than 107,000 barber shops across the country will need to take extra precautions as Turkey moves toward the new normal.
*They will receive customers with appointment only to prevent people to wait their turn inside the shops. Personnel and customers will be required to wear overshoes. Disposable towels will be used and one seat between two customers will remain empty. Each seat will be disinfected and after a customer leaves, it will be left empty for 15 minutes.
*Barber shops will operate nine hours a day. Barber shops for men will receive two customers in an hour while hairdressers will server only one costumer an hour.
Source: Turkish media
Strict but necessary, I hope people do keep to the rules. People need to be sensible and remember this virus is still around.
Fear here in U.K. is, if the lock down is lifted too soon things will become worse already the worst in Europe. Government to update on Sunday.
Stay safe folks and for those of you attempting to go out for the first time enjoy ;)
Yes...but after being shut away for nearly 8 wks for our (& others) safety, they have now lifted the curfew this week end in this area so we will be mixing with the world and his wife plus crowded shops will be open...can this make sense? Also still no chance for our age group being able to even go to a hairdresser sadly...
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Yes...but after being shut away for nearly 8 wks for our (& others) safety, they have now lifted the curfew this week end in this area so we will be mixing with the world and his wife plus crowded shops will be open...can this make sense? Also still no chance for our age group being able to even go to a hairdresser sadly...
The hairdressers will be a very special treat when your able to go. I’m sure you’re a responsible person and will be able to decide where and what is safe to do. Governments all over the world are scared for the impact on their economies and that does make sense, but at what cost? At a guess I would imagine those businesses in Kusadasi that are tourist driven must be devastated by this pandemic and will be trying to get as much business as possible and hoping they manage to survive. Only time will tell. Overall it will be a different world when we do emerge from this.
Stay safe
Some confusion on flights being operated from outside of Turkey to Turkey

From the government site on advice to travel
Restrictions in response to coronavirus

Passengers who are not Turkish nationals or residents of Turkey are not permitted to enter Turkey.

Some airlines are operating flights to Turkey on an occasional basis to repatriate Turkish nationals and residents of Turkey from abroad, in cooperation with the Turkish government. If you live in Turkey but are currently in the UK and wishing to return to Turkey, email the Turkish Consulate-General in London ( to register your interest in returning.

If you’re outside the UK, contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in. Although there is no barrier to British nationals with residence permits entering Turkey, priority will be given to Turkish nationals.

Passengers arriving from overseas are subject to enforced quarantine at a government-run quarantine facility. You should refer to the operating airline and your nearest Turkish Embassy before you travel, to ensure you are permitted to enter Turkey on these flights.
So if an airline is showing available flights to Turkey does not mean anyone can fly there.
As well as overcoming the above hurdles people need to ensure they are covered by insurance which covers Covid19, as far as I’m aware insurance companies removed this cover mid March

I’m not saying the above is 100% as we know things change by the minute at the moment, but this the latest status online.