Corona arrived in Turkey


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Some confusion on flights being operated from outside of Turkey to Turkey

From the government site on advice to travel
Restrictions in response to coronavirus

Passengers who are not Turkish nationals or residents of Turkey are not permitted to enter Turkey.

Some airlines are operating flights to Turkey on an occasional basis to repatriate Turkish nationals and residents of Turkey from abroad, in cooperation with the Turkish government. If you live in Turkey but are currently in the UK and wishing to return to Turkey, email the Turkish Consulate-General in London ( to register your interest in returning.

If you’re outside the UK, contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in. Although there is no barrier to British nationals with residence permits entering Turkey, priority will be given to Turkish nationals.

Passengers arriving from overseas are subject to enforced quarantine at a government-run quarantine facility. You should refer to the operating airline and your nearest Turkish Embassy before you travel, to ensure you are permitted to enter Turkey on these flights.
So if an airline is showing available flights to Turkey does not mean anyone can fly there.
As well as overcoming the above hurdles people need to ensure they are covered by insurance which covers Covid19, as far as I’m aware insurance companies removed this cover mid March

I’m not saying the above is 100% as we know things change by the minute at the moment, but this the latest status online.
I think you can't come to Turkey from the UK directly but if you go to a permitted country (lets say Greece or Montenegro) and then you can enter Turkey. Yes?
Whoaaa, look at that and "hello corona"

In short: first weekend traffic jam on the outskirts of Kuşadası on Friday evening, since then 72 660 cars from the direction of Selçuk and 61 000 vehicles from the direction of Söke entered Kuşadası despite a strict curfew in the Province of Izmir!
Thousands of families flocked to their summer houses and the beaches in and around Kuşadası during the current heatwave!
Scary!!! :eek::sick::unsure::mad:
On Monday, June first, life in Turkey will be back to normal, except for those aged over 65 and under 18:

*Turkey will lift restrictions on intercity travel and allow restaurants, cafes, parks and sports facilities to reopen
*excluding places of entertainment, enterprises such as restaurants, patisseries, cafes, tea gardens, swimming pools, and hot springs will also reopen.
*the motorway service areas will begin to serve
*beaches, parks, gardens, driving courses, restaurants, archaeological sites, libraries, youth centers and camps, and museums in Turkey will reopen
*daycare centers and kindergartens will also reopen
Great news for everybody, except for us golden oldies and kids :cool:
We’re hoping ( and the hope gets slimmer as time goes by!) to visit for 6 weeks from mid September. If the quarantine is not finished by then, himself will be confined to the house. It is bad enough that we have been confined to a 2 km radius of home for ten weeks and only out for exercise or necessary shopping- but I don’t think he’d cope with only being allowed out for a few hours on a Sunday! In fact Karinbea - I don’t know how you can do it- I admire you for your resilience.